A few things to know about me…

I was raised in central Rhode Island and have spent my adult life living in the South County, Rhode Island area.  My husband and I have been married for 18 years.  I’m a Christian and I married a man named Christian, which occasionally leads to some confusing conversations! We’ve been raising four boys, and its’ a wild and fun ride.  I’ve always said variety is the spice of life and that I’m easily bored.  Four boys ensure life never gets stale!

I love to be near the beach or pond in the summer and I love the snow in the winter.  I REALLY love the snow in the winter.  My kids get tired of it long before I do!  Few things can make me disappear faster than a new book from my favorite author, and I’ve found there are many things in life that are fixed with a Starbucks chai.

I love to capture with my camera the things I know I’ll forget in my mind.  The mood, the expressions, the color, the beauty.
Those moments of peace and the shouts of joy – I want to help myself and others hold onto them.